Residential Solar Service

Pacific Energy is one of Hawaii’s original solar design and installation companies. We have completed over 1800 successful installations and are passionate about ensuring our customers are completely satisfied with their systems. We are proud of our integrity and experience in providing top-quality, affordable energy independence solutions for families in Hawaii.

Commercial Solar Service

Pacific Energy has been providing large scale industry solar installations for the U.S. military and Hawaii business for nearly 14 years.

We have helped companies save thousands of dollars while increasing their commitment to renewable energy and reducing their environmental impact.

Current tax incentives and funding opportunities for small businesses, home offices and agriculture producers make solar one of the best investments businesses can make in today’s economy.

Save Money!

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In Hawaii, we pay up to three times as much for electricity as on the mainland. Are you ready to save money and stop relying on imported petroleum?

Invest in the Future!

Masters of GUI

The return on investment from solar electric and hot water systems is outstanding and can be from 20% to 50% annual rate of return on investment. Your payback can be as quick as 2 years!

Use Tax Credits

Our talk is your talk

Make your move in 2017 before tax credits expire! There has never been a more optimal time to install Solar. Current State and Federal Tax Credits mean the government pays up to 65% of your system costs, making this an incredibly affordable investment.

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Portfolio includes:

  • Canterbury Place
  • Newtown Estates Community Association
  • Tori Richard
  • Waikiki Grand
  • Outback Steakhouse
  • Marine Corps Base, Hawaii
  • Hawaii Health Systems Corp.
  • Andersen Air Force Base